There we go again (a.k.a. another trip “on the Thomas-Go-Round”)

It is hard to tell what is more predictable here. That yet another biographer of Thomas has taken Bobrick’s approach re: Grant and Sherman, or that it has yet again prompted such a response from Brooks. :)

Anyway, I provided a take on Thomas in a review of Einolf’s book a year ago here. Naturally, I am naturally curious as to what Brooks thinks of it and whether he sees any point for someone who has read Einolf’s book in reading Bobrick’s. I suspect . . . not.

Comments (1) to “There we go again (a.k.a. another trip “on the Thomas-Go-Round”)”

  1. I’m sometimes typed (usually by the Thomas fanboy crowd) as a Grant apologist; Mark (and to a lesser extent me) have been typed on occasion as Sherman apologists.

    That’s so much better than being typed a McClellan apologist. :)

    More on Einolf later. I just think it’s a much different book, interested in different concerns. I think Bobrick’s presentation speaks for itself, although I notice that his rabid fans have had trouble answering simple questions about the book, including what’s new about it. They are far better at launching personal attacks. Nothing slow about that. :)