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In An Amusing Development …

Dimitri Rotov posted about this quiz in his blog.  I took it.  Which Civil War general do I most resemble?

Robert E. Lee.

Comments (12) to “In An Amusing Development …”

  1. For me, it was Pete Longstreet, although I also could have been Cump Sherman.

    I could do a lot worse.


  2. I’m William T.Sherman. He’s always been my favorite Union general, so I can live with that.

  3. I am quite the combination: McClellan at 65% and Lee and Burnside both at 60%. How a person could be that mix I have no idea.

  4. I came up as US Grant, of course.

  5. Brooks, how the hell do you end up as RE Lee?

  6. Sherman 60%
    McClellan 55%
    Lee 50%
    Sheridan 50%


  7. Sherman here as well…almost Longstreet though. I taught Sherman’s March this morning, so maybe Cump is on my mind.

  8. Jim — Maybe it was those four years in Virginia.

  9. It’s a tie here…Lee and Longstreet 70%. Odd quiz, but the thing that it got right is I am no Phil Sheridan… 0%. :)

    Now I feel better.:)

    Regards from the Garden State,

    Steve Basic

  10. I’m USG. I guess it’s my penchant for buying clothes from the Walmart sales rack and then having a drink afterwards. I even surprised myself–but not as surprised as Ethan! Here are my top four:

    U.S. Grant 80%
    William T. Sherman 75%
    General James Longstreet 70%
    Robert E. Lee 60%

    Go figure . . . .

  11. What an eclectic bunch we are!
    I was Marse Robert:
    Robert E. Lee: 70%
    William T. Sherman: 55%
    General Jeb Stuart: 50%
    General Nathan Bedford Forrest: 45%
    General James Longstreet: 45%
    Stonewall Jackson: 40% (…this bummed me out – I thought he’d be higher)
    General Phillip Sheridan 30%
    U.S. Grant 25%
    General George McClellan 25%
    General Ambrose Burnside 10% (thank God!)

  12. Excuse me, Eric? You turn out to be the type of guy who gets his a** kicked by Ambrose Burnside! How could it be worse than that? . . . And–tell the truth–how many times did you have to take the test before you no longer came out Phil Sheridan?!? :)

    At least no one came out James Ledlie. Now THAT would be bad.

    Yours truly, Professor Rafuse–Insane