Rock on!

Somehow I never heard this when it came out twenty years ago.

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  1. Brooks,

    The lead singer of The Brandos is none other than David Kincaid of “The Irish Volunteer” and “The Irish-American’s Song”. These are collections of CW period songs. Kincaid is also a reenactor with the 116th PA group.

  2. [...] Thanks to Brooks Simpson over at Civil Warriors for pointing us all to this gem from the 80’s, Gettysburg performed by The Brandos: [...]

  3. Brooks,

    Thanks for posting that, and yes the first time I have heard the song as well. For those who find themselves in Gettysburg during Remembrance Day weekend, David usually shows up at the Reliance Mine Saloon on Saturday evening, and plays CW period songs. Have been fortunate to catch many of the performances over the years, and it really adds to the weekend.

    Regards from the Garden State,


  4. ——-

    Speaking of music and the War Between the States, the San Francisco Opera just debuted “Appomattox” by composer Philip Glass and librettist Christopher Hampton.

    Reviewed by the SF Chronicle at:

  5. Have you ever heard of Blue and Gray by Poco? It is a Civil War themed album but difficult to come by. I also remember White Mansions by Waylon Jennings, made during the Seventies. Both are worth keeping an eye out for.


    Here si another song you may enjoy

    Highland County Boy done by Scott Miller and the Commonwealth

  7. The song is has a good beat and you can dance to it, but I only understand one word of the lyrics- ” Gettysburg”.