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Well . . . schnike

It was a great disappointment to me that I could not make it to Philadelphia earlier this week for the Society of Civil War Historians meeting, both because I missed the session I was supposed to chair and because I missed the best part of these things; namely, catching up with friends and comrades in the field.

What happened was this: When I found out the panel I was on had been accepted by the program committee and scheduled for Tuesday morning, I made reservations along with a colleague to be in Philadelphia on Sunday evening and rearranged my teaching schedule a bit so I could catch as much of the program as possible. Then, however, I found out my daughter’s two-week pre-kindergarten class began that Monday, which involved her first bus ride to and from school and I wasn’t going to miss that if there was anyway I could avoid doing so. Fortunately, I was able to change my flight to late Monday afternoon. So far, so good–everything’s coming up Milhouse.

Then came Monday afternoon. Since I was going to be away for just one night and only packed a small bag, as my wife dropped me off at the KCI terminal I anticipated smooth sailing through the various hoops between Kansas City and Philly. Thus, I was stunned to see a huge line to the USAir check-in counter and learn that my flight had been cancelled due to bad weather. I then made some calls and got booked on a Midwest flight later that evening that went through Milwaukee. When I reached the ticket counter for Midwest, though, they were honest enough to let me know they did not have much confidence that any flight to Philadelphia would go that night. As the prospect of being stranded in Milwaukee until I could catch a flight that would almost certainly reach Philadelphia too late for me to make my session had little appeal to me, I made some more calls and cancelled my reservations altogether. I then left messages with some folks already at the conference that I would not be coming.

Anyway, I apologize to the conference organizers for my absence. I also thank Susannah Bruce of Sam Houston State University for stepping in to fill my slot on the program.

Oh yeah, since you asked Tom, when I said I owed you a beer at the Union League no adjustments for inflation were implied. So if I see you at Chambersburg in July, it is still A beer. :)

Comments (3) to “Well . . . schnike”

  1. Sorry to hear that Ethan. I was very much looking forward to meeting you. Next time.

  2. That reminds me of when I was prevented from attending the Missouri Valley History Conference in Omaha because of a March blizzard. Being from IL and living in ND, I was not used to snow blowing around much, so I stopped in Brookings, SD and when I realized that going to Omaha would be futile made a mad dash back home, which resulted in driving over 100 miles on snow-covered I-29. Needless to say, I was very lucky as they closed the highway down from the ND/SD line all the way to the IA/MO line. Sorry to hear about your misfortune Ethan, but at least you were able to be with your family for your daughter’s big day. Better luck next year.

  3. Hah! Just the interest alone over seven months equates two beers, regardless of inflation! Union League was way cool, but pricey! Harry Smelzer, Dana, Angela and I had tweo rounds of drinks, came to $87! Wow. Was a great conference, lots of interesting stuff. I went to yours and Susannah did a fine job. I learned a lot about trans_mississippi stuff.