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Daddy-Daughter Day on Little Round Top

When Corinne Lee Rafuse entered the world in 2003, my wife and I were living in New York and frequently travelled back and forth to and from northern Virginia to visit our families. As it was along the way, (I always found the I-78 to US 15 route eminently preferable to the I-95 one) we often stopped in Gettysburg.

In the way that some parents mark the growth of their child through marks on a wall, I thought it would be cool to do something similar by visiting Little Round Top with Corinne at various intervals and tracking her growth through photos taken by the 91st Pennsylvania monument and “Union Fishhook” marker overlooking Plum Run/Valley of Death. Then, of course, in 2004 we ended up moving to Missouri, which significantly diminished the number of opportunities we have had since then to continue this practice.

The day after my lecture at the US Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle (very much worth visiting, by the way) last week, my daughter and I found ourselves with a couple of hours to poke around Gettysburg together for the first time in a long time. After lunch with my parents at the Dobbin House, Corinne and I went over to the visitor center for her first visit to the Cyclorama (which she loved), then made our way to Little Round Top, where she was as interested in the view over to the ski slopes at Liberty Mountain as the various battlefield landmarks–though she did enjoy exploring the 44th New York castle.

And, of course, we added another entry in our series to go with the ones from February 2003 and July 2005.

Comments (4) to “Daddy-Daughter Day on Little Round Top”

  1. Nice touch!

  2. I have a similar series of photos sitting on the marked cannon at the base of the Buford statue: First my wife and I, then with our daughter, then with daughter and son, etc.

    And I totally agree about road routes!

  3. Its pretty cool what blogging can perform. Connect you with all others.

  4. You are a terrific dad! Cherish the moments, as I know you do. I have lots of photos of me and my two sons (on various Civil War battlefields) as they were growing up.