Kevin Levin Must Be Stopped!

Kevin M. Levin’s relentless war against all things Confederate continues.  His new target is Confederate commemorative art.  See what he has to say in a recent post:

Afterwords I took a quick walk through New Market and grabbed a bite to eat.  I stopped in a cheesy little Civil War store where you can find John Paul Strain paintings on just about every object imaginable.  Do people actually buy that crap? 

Well, Kevin, this is for you.

Mind you, I don’t mind this piece:

Wonder why.

Comments (8) to “Kevin Levin Must Be Stopped!”

  1. The funniest thing about that video is that the “Mr. Lee” they are singing about is likely not Marse Robert. What do you imagine Grant is saying to Lee in this print?

  2. Hey, Brooks, do you own that one?

  3. “Over here, we’ll put the gift shop, which will sell Confederate commemorative art.”

    No, I don’t own it. Rats.

  4. Oh my, that’s funny Brooks. Thanks again.

  5. What’s amazing about that video is the comments underneath:

    Wish we had Gen Lee and Gen jackson back now


    Have these people no sense of irony?

    (That video was a joke, right?)

  6. Gee calm down Kevin, you sound like you on the verge of practicing Corporal mortification about all this Confederate stuff. I hope you dont go to Tampa FL any time soon and see the new giant Confederate flag flying along the interstate.

  7. You might find this interesting. Check out “The H.L. Hunley Era” – Music, songs and atmosphere of the South during the Civil War. Very authentic and true to history – musically speaking

  8. Is Kevin still on his anti-Confederate rampage? I mean at some point an intelligent person would see his myopic misinformation and politically correct revisionism as embarrasing.

    Let me guess, he’d still like to put the Confederate flag in a museum for historically interpretive purposes….LOL! Southerners will ALWAYS honor our fathers and mothers, and there is nothing the Levins of the world can do about it. Nothing.