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Great trip to Washington . . . The State!

Few things cooler in this world than being, like Hooker’s men at Chattanooga, above the clouds, watching the sunset to the west. Check out this view looking west from near the top of the Skyline Chair at Stevens Pass Ski Area shortly after a cloud descended on the lower 900 or so vertical feet of the mountain but left the top 300 or so feet crystal clear in a way that my camera does not do justice to.  

BTW, Stevens Pass is not, as some people believe, named for first Washington territorial governor and Civil War general Isaac Ingalls Stevens, but John F. Stevens, a late nineteenth/early twentieth-century railroad engineer, who also served awhile as chief engineer on the Panama Canal. Here is a view of the pass, where US 2 passes through the mountains, from the Seventh Heaven lift at Stevens Pass Ski Area:

I also had a great time with the good folks who belong to the Puget Sound Civil War Round Table–with a caveat, which I will address in a future post.

Comments (1) to “Great trip to Washington . . . The State!”

  1. Was there about 12 years ago, but was told it was Isaac Stevens. I have been deceived! Damn!