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Grimsley, And Keep Moving On

And Keep Moving On:
The Virginia Campaign, May–June 1864

By Mark Grimsley

“The six-week military campaign that began that May, energetically recounted in historian Mark Grimsley’s And Keep Moving On, . . . became a legendary duel. By focusing on the Wilderness, Grimsley also takes us into a moment when the Civil War battlefield—if not combat itself—was transformed.”– Jay Winik,Washington Post.

“Engagingly written, thoroughly researched, and thought provoking, Grimsley’s And Keep Moving On is the best single-volume history of the Overland Campaign yet published.”–Gordon A. Rhea.

“A first rate campaign study that gives appropriate attention to the wide range of peripheral operations that came under Grant’s and Lee’s purview away from the main front. His book is clearly, sometimes graphically, written.”–Brian Holden Reid, War in History

“Grimsley skillfully analyses the campaign’s significance in his final chapter, an analysis that sets his work apart from others…. The series as a whole, and this title in particular, will stand the test for another hundred years.”–North Carolina Historical Review

“Readers of [Grimsley’s] previous works will not be surprised at the skill with which he has constructed his study. His research in primary sources and command of the secondary literature is solid, his prose is clear and compelling, and he ably connects Grant’s and Lee’s operations with those conducted elsewhere in Virginia in the spring and early summer of 1864.

In sum, Grimsley has produced an insightful and engaging work that will be of value and appeal to both serious scholars and general readers. The reviewer’s only quibble is with the $45 price, which seems a bit steep given the nature of the series of which it is a part. Hopefully, the press will soon bring out a paperback edition so that this excellent book will find the wide audience it deserves.” — Ethan S. Rafuse, Georgia Historical Quarterly

“Grimsley’s work is a synthesis that includes traditional and ‘new’ military history methodologies, typical of the Great Campaigns of the Civil War series of which is it is the latest volume. Yet Grimsley does not get bogged down with a traditional narrative…. Grimsley’s analysis and historiographical review of the generalship of Grant and Lee are thorough and fair.”–Michael B. Ballard, Journal of American History

“An excellent job of coloring in the details of the severity of the hardships soldiers endured…. Grimsley has provided Civil War readers with a balanced, yet provocative study of the Virginia war in the spring of 1864.”–Stephen Engle, The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography.

“High quality of research, analysis, and storytelling…. An excellent synthesis of a sprawling military operation that extended well beyond the lines of Grant and Lee.”–Daniel Sutherland, The Journal of Southern History.

“This excellent book covers what is commonly referred to as Grant’s Overland Campaign…. I enjoyed this clearly written book very much. The clear maps are helpful to the reader…. This one provides more than enough information for the reader on each battle, as well as the overall Virginia campaign. Though a bit pricey, I recommend this interesting book to all Civil War readers.”–Duane Benell, Civil War Courier
“A superb overview of the 1864 Overland Campaign…. Grimsley has produced one of the finest operational Civil War histories in recent memory.”–MAJ James Gates, USAF, Military Review.

“What he achieves is an excellent narrative that explains theater operations against the political backdrop of the 1864 presidential election and the relationship between major battles, subsidiary offensives, diversionary raids, and naval operations that compose the overall campaign. This is the first book length work to examine the Virginia Campaign of May and June 1864 as a unified whole.”–David R. Dean, H-Net Reviews“This particular book is very interesting, featuring long chapters with lots of quotes from primary sources, several photos from the Civil War period and several clear maps. Grimsley also supplies an annotated bibliography…. A good addition to any Civil War collection.”–

“This is a fine interpretation that will be of interest to both general and scholarly audiences.”–Lloyd Benson, Military History of the West

And Keep Moving On is the first book to see the Virginia campaign of spring 1864 as Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee saw it: a single, massive operation stretching hundreds of miles. The story of the campaign is also the story of the demise of two great armies. The scale of casualties and human suffering that the campaign inflicted makes it unique in U.S. history. Mark Grimsley’s study, however, is not just another battle book. Grimsley places the campaign in the political context of the 1864 presidential election; appraises the motivation of soldiers; appreciates the impact of the North’s sea power advantage; questions conventional interpretations; and examines the interconnections among the major battles, subsidiary offensives, and raids.

Mark Grimsley is a professor of history at Ohio State University. His books include The Collapse of the Confederacy, Civilians in the Path of War, and Gettysburg: A Battlefield Guide, all published by the University of Nebraska Press.

Click here for the table of contents, list of illustrations and maps, series editors’ introduction, and author’s preface. (You’ll need Adobe Reader to view.)